Answered By: Ian Fraser
Last Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Many of your course readings will be linked directly from the course Nexus pages. If they aren't, you can also search for them using the library's search tools. 

Books and books chapters

You can search for books from the library homepage. The most direct way is to search for the title using the ti: prefix (eg. ti:intermediate accounting). If you are looking for a specific chapter, it's still often best to search for the title of the entire book, as the chapter titles may not be listed in the record.

Journal articles

There are two ways to find journal articles: searching for the title (see above) or using the journals search. Enter the title of the journal (NOT the article title, but the entire journal). You'll see a list of databases that have the journal. Select the one that has the right range of years for your article. You'll need to then navigate to the correct volume, issue, and page number to get the full-text. The journal search method may seem more tedious, but it is more exact and will be useful if the title search doesn't locate the article. 


The library subscribes to a number of streaming video services for academic films. All of these titles are loaded into the library catalogue, so you can search for them by title using the same method described for books. If you'd like to explore the collections more generally, you can choose the "eVideo" format under the advanced search

If these methods don't work, please contact the library for assistance. If you are still unable to get access to your required readings, you may want to talk to your professor about it, as other students are likely encountering the same problem. 

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