Answered By: Ian Fraser
Last Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Proxy server: An Internet server that acts as a “go-between” for a computer on a local network (secure system) and the open Web. Often checks to determine “right of access” to the secure environment and speeds up requests by caching frequently accessed Web pages. Can also act as a firewall.

This and other definitions of library terms come from the Association of College and Research Libraries' Multilingual Glossary for Today's Library Users

At UW Library, we use a proxy to allow students, faculty, and staff to access the library's electronic resources from off-campus. When you attempt to access a database, ebook, electronic full-text article, or another electronic source from off-campus, you will first need to sign in with your Webadvisor username and password. 

Note: alumni and guest users are not granted access through the proxy server. They must be on campus to use these electronic resources. 

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